Welcome to the Wisconsin Society of Plastic Surgeons

The Wisconsin Society of Plastic Surgeons (WSPS) was established in 1959 with the purpose to:



• Stimulate and advance knowledge of the science and art of Plastic Surgery,

• Maintain the art and science of such surgery at highest standards,

• Hold meetings for exchange of thought, mutual education and discussion of problems peculiar to such surgery for improvement of patient care, and

• Assist in the teaching processes for the training of medical students and resident surgeons.

WSPS is a leader in the state by offering high-quality patient centered plastic surgical education through its annual conference.  Members receive timely news and access to resources through the website, email notifications and interactions between colleagues.



Registration now open for Doctor Day 2015

Physicians across Wisconsin are urged to participate in Doctor Day 2015 in Madison on Wednesday, March 11. The day is timed well for physicians to be able to see their legislators and to have input on the state budget and other important health care issues. 


Details, including a tentative schedule and sponsor list are on the Society’s website. Click here to register



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Click here to download a document with bylaws.